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Kiteboarding lessons

Lessons will take place in one of our waist-deep sandy bottom lagoons by an experienced IKO instructor. The IKO card will be issued upon completion of your lesson.

* 1 person minimum hours, 4 persons group maximum hours.

2-hour intro course                    60 USD

3-5 hours *                                   140 USD 

6-10 hours  *                                260 USD

9-15 hours * (3 day IKO)           415 USD

Private instruction                    50 USD per hour

Equipment rentals

We rent out Best and F-One kites and Crazyfly kiteboards.

                                                    1 day                                            1 week (7 days)

Kiteboard (twintip)                  20 USD                                        120 USD

Kiteboard (surf)                        25 USD                                        135 USD

Kite w/bar                                 50 USD                                        250 USD

Complete set                             75 USD                                        325 USD

Various surfboards from 6’2’’ to 9’0’’ and quality US divers snorkeling equipment.

                                                    Per hour                                       Daily

Surfboard                                 200 PHP                                        800 PHP

Skimboard                               100 PHP                                         400 PHP


Bungalows                                                                            1 night                                        1 week (7 nights)

No 1 Queen size bed, aircon, hot shower, fridge           1400 PHP                                    8400 PHP

No 2 Queen size bed, aircon, hot shower                        1200 PHP                                    7200 PHP

Additional services

  1. 1.We recommend to book the bungalow in advance, we are usually fully booked in Dec/Jan.

  2. 2.We offer many things to do, but due to season and weather conditions some items may not be possible. Please call or e-mail us to find out if the conditions are right for what you wish to do.

  3. 3.A waiver and rental agreement must be signed prior to renting or taking any kiteboarding lessons from us. If you are under the age of 17, your parent or guardian will need to sign for you.

  4. 4.For kiteboarding equipment rentals, you must show an IKO card or equivalent before we will rent to you.

  5. 5.Our van pick up and drop off service to and from Naga airport must be booked at least 3 days in advance. The price is 50 USD each way and is not negotiable.

Private airport pickup Naga-Daet                     one way 3000 PHP

Paragliding discovery flights

Bagasbas - Vinzons Area       75 USD

Bagasbas - San Miguel Bay   175 USD

Tandem flights are offered only March, April and May.

No 3 Queen size bed, aircon, basic shower                     1000 PHP                                    6000 PHP

No 4 Queen size bed, fan, basic shower                            800 PHP                                    4800 PHP

Kite storage incl. hot shower, compressor, water for cleaning equipment  100 PHP per day.