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Our local domestic airport enables us to paramotor:

  1.    great paramotoring spot to enjoy the discovery flights. The season for Paramotoring is March through May.

  2.    Tandem rides with paramotoring - our paragliding instructor Karl is from Austria. You will get unforgettable emotions of flying and the photos of you over the Bagasbas Beach.

On days we do not have good weather conditions, there is plenty to do - kiteboarding, wake-boarding in CWC wakeboarding park in Naga, island hopping, surfing or just plain relax on the beach.

Tandem rides

March through May is our summer months here in Bagasbas. During that time it is possible to see Bagasbas and the surrounding islands from the air as a truly unique experience. Discovery flights are available daily depending on weather conditions. Typically we fly in the mornings and afternoons, when the conditions are smooth and the views are at their best with sunrise and sunset.

Paramotor/Paragliding Lessons

We do not offer lessons at our place currently. However we can set you up with our local instructor, who can get you going with either free flight or paramotor. Just inquire, if this is something you wish to pursue and we can get you headed in the right direction.


For the past two years (2013/2014) we have been hosting the Daet Airsports Show in the summer. The event takes place usually at the end of March beginning of April. Pilots from all over SE Asia come to meet in Bagasbas and present their skills. Summer 2015 we are taking the event to a whole new level by making the event a fly in. There will be skydiving demostrations, winch assisted paragliding, paramotoring and static displays from the Philippine Air Force along with some hot air balloons. Beach parties and bbq’s are also in the plan. Dates will be announced soon here, on our website.


Paramotor discovery flights, 
Mike Gambrill, Karl
Bagasbas ’12

We are the dealer for Black Hawk Paramotors USA. If you are looking to buy a paramotor, let us know and we can get you set up.  Paramotor package deals are the most affordable way to purchase your equipment, package prices start at 6995 USD, this includes everything you need to go fly. We have a full service shop and a selection of spare parts and accessories available, if you can’t find what you need, let us know, we can more than likely find it for you.